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The Attack on Workers' Retirement
Teamsters Applaud Rep. Pete King’s Co-Sponsorship of Butch Lewis Act
Butch Lewis Act of 2017
Senate, House Leadership Endorse Brown’s Bill to Ensure Retired Workers Keep Pensions They Earned
NY News12: Schumer, King Support Bill to Restore Slashed Pensions
US Rep Marcy Kaptur
Carol Jones shares his pension story
King and Schumer
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Schumer lays out plan to shore up sagging Teamster pensions
Senator Brown visits Lima Teamsters
   Senator Brown   Rep Kaptur
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Saving the Pensions Ohioans Earned
Hoffa: Bipartisanship Can Fix Infrastructure
Schumer: Bipartisan Funding Bill Is ‘A Major Win For New York State’
House-Senate Committee Tasked with Solving Pension Crisis by Year-End. 
Can 16-member committee find solution to failing pension funds?
Sen. Brown to push for pension relief in Dayton
Workers Need to Take Control of Their Future
Lawmakers pushing legislation to save union pension funds
Schumer pitches Teamster pension rescue plan.
A battle to hold on to pensions and the dreams they carried
Schumer pitches Teamster pension rescue plan.
A battle to hold on to pensions and the dreams they carried
Teamsters Support Creation of Bipartisan House-Senate Committee to Solve Pension Crisis
Brown pushes union pension recovery plan in Dayton
1.5 Million Retirees Await Congressional Fix for a Pension Time Bomb
Hundreds rally against proposed national right-to-work law
Portman appointed to multiemployer pension committee.
Pension Crisis Doug Henwood talked about his article in the February issue of In These Times on the ongoing pension crisis and how the system’s reliance on Wall Street is adding to the shortfall.
Teamsters Call on Joint Select Committee to Move Quickly to Solve Pension Crisis

Brown Briefs Teamsters, Trades on a Special Committee to Try to Save Their Pensions
Brown Briefs Teamsters, Union Members On Effort To Save Their Pensions
Hoffa, Sanders Meet to Discuss Top Issues Facing Teamsters, Labor
Richard Trumka, the AFL-CIO's president, announced a "Working People's Day of Action" for Feb. 24, the Saturday before the Supreme Court hears Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. The Janus case questions whether public-sector workers can be forced to join or otherwise financially support their workplace's unions as a condition of employment. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)
Hoffa: Case is Cover for Anti-Union Advocates
Ohio senators to serve on new committee dealing with pensions
Teamsters: Joint Select Committee Must Follow Through on Pledge to Put Aside Party Politics to Find Pension Solution
Congress looking at pension issue
Pushing to Protect Pensions
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Joint Select Committee second meeting on Pension Reform 
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Employer Perspctives on Multiemployer Pension Plans
SAVE OUR PENSION Rally, Columbus Ohio, July, 12, 2018 
Understanding What’s at Stake for Current Workers and Retirees : starts at the 30 min mark
Employer Perspectives on Multiemployer Pension Plans :
starts at the 40 min mark
(starts at the 00:23 mark)
How the Multiemployer Pension System Affects Stakeholders
Retired Teamster from Milwaukee asks Congress to save troubled pension funds