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A labor contract defines the rights and the responsibilities of both labor and management, and the remedies provided to each in the event that one party fails to live up to the obligations stated within the contract. 
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"All the money in the world doesn't lay one foot of highway, without the worker."
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​Powered by children seven to 12 years old working dawn to dusk, Samuel Slater’s thread-spinning factory goes into production in Pawtucket, R.I., launching the Industrial Revolution in America. By 1830, 55 percent of the mill workers in the state were youngsters, many working for less than $1 per week - 1790

Supreme Court rules that picketing is unconstitutional. Chief Justice (and former president) William Howard Taft declared that picketing was, in part, "an unlawful annoyance and hurtful nuisance..." - 1921

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1903: The two groups meet in Niagara Falls and agree to merge, forming the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Cornelius Shea is General President and E L Turley is General Secretary Treasurer.