Union, an organization of workers that through democratic processes, seeks better living standards, social, and economic justice for all. 
Roy Weldon  Local 20 Retired
A labor contract defines the rights and the responsibilities of both labor and management, and the remedies provided to each in the event that one party fails to live up to the obligations stated within the contract. 

"All the money in the world doesn't lay one foot of highway, without the worker."
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If any knows of a Teamsters Local 20 working member that has been deployed in the service of our country Please click on the Link below and fill out the form the best that you can. Thank You.
Monday, December, 11, 2017
Teamsters Local No. 20   435 South Hawley Street   Toledo, Ohio 43609 
All government, indeed every human benefit and enjoyment, every virtue, and every prudent act, is founded on compromise and barter.

Edmund Burke

Since 1910, the Teamsters logo has consisted of two horses’ heads, representing the complimentary forces of strength that are inherent in the Teamsters organization. A well-known emblem, most people recognize it but are unsure of the story behind it. The horses’ names are Thunder and Lightning, Thunder is male, Lightning female. Together, they symbolically represent the pillars of the Teamsters organization: quality and power, dignity and justice, strength and morality. The Teamsters are built on pillars that allow us to ensure that our Members’ needs are taken care of, that workers have access to their rights, and that our organization has the staying power to persist through the years.
1936 Edward VIII abdicates. After ruling for less than one year, Edward VIII becomes the first English monarch to voluntarily abdicate the throne. He chose to abdicate after the British government, public, and the Church of England condemned his decision to marry the American divorcée Wallis Warfield Simpson. On the evening of December 11, he gave a radio address in which he explained, “I have found it impossible to carry on the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge the duties of king, as I would wish to do, without the help and support of the woman I love.” On December 12, his younger brother, the duke of York, was proclaimed King George VI.

I Pledge Allegiance  I (me) Promise to be faithful and true (Promise my loyalty) 

to the flag  to the emblem that stands for and represents

of the United States  all 50 states, each of them individual, and individually represented on the flag

of America  yet formed into a UNION of one Nation. 

and to the Republic  And I also pledge my loyalty to the Government that is itself a Republic, a form of government where the PEOPLE are sovereign, 

for which it stands,  this government also being represented by the Flag to which I promise loyalty

one Nation under God, These 50 individual states are united as a single Republic under the Divine
providence of God, "our most powerful resource" (according to the words of President Eisenhower) 

Indivisible, and can not be separated. (This part of the original version of the pledge was written just 30 years after the beginning of the Civil War and demonstrates the unity sought in the years after that divisive period in our history) 

with Liberty The people of this Nation being afforded the freedom to pursue "life, liberty, and happiness", 

and Justice  And each person entitled to be treated justly, fairly, and according to proper law and principle, 

for All.  And these principles afforded to EVERY AMERICAN, regardless of race, religion, color, creed, or any other criteria. Just as the flag represents 50 individual states that can not be divided or separated, this Nation represents millions of people who can not be separated or divided. 
Wear red on Fridays to support our troops and until they're all
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How Democrat/Republican Are You?
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Teamster Basics - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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‘Let’s Get America Working!’ 
Attend Steward Council 
Attend Unit Meetings
New Measure Would Address Pension Problems
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A small group of black farmers organized the Colored Farmers’ National Alliance and Cooperative Union in Houston County, Texas. They had been barred from membership in the all-white Southern Farmers’ Alliance. Through intensive organizing, along with merging with another black farmers group, the renamed Colored Alliance in 1891 claimed a membership of 1.2 million.
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The Declaration of Independence
The Want, Will, and Hopes of the People
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Maple City Ice Strike Continues 
Bipartisan Opposition Grows Against ‘Cadillac Tax’
Memorandum on 70-Hour Rule Package Drivers
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Hoffa to Abney: 70-Hour Week Not Acceptable
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Hoffa: It’s Time to Protect Pensions
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Pension Meeting Notice: Saturday, December 16 (11am)
NW Ohio / NUCPP / Committee to Protect Pensions
Learn the facts about the BUTCH LEWIS ACT
And how it will work for you!

Active workers, retirees, friends, and all persons concerned about saving the Central States Pension Fund (CSPF), are invited to attend. Your pension was paid from your deferred wages. It is important that you stay informed.
Special Guest Speaker: Mike Walden, President/NUCPP

DATE:December 16, 2017
TIME:11:00 a.m.
LOCATION:Teamsters Local #20 
435 S. Hawley Street
Toledo, OH 43609

For more information: Visit Facebook: Central States Pension Fund Cuts/NW Ohio Committee to Protect Pensions or contact Dan Bollett (419) 345-2973 or Carrol Jones (419) 215-6376

Unfair trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement eviscerated good-paying manufacturing jobs, putting more than 3 million U.S. workers out of work. 

James P. Hoffa

23rd President of United States  (1889-1893)
Woolworth Toledo Ohio.