I, Kyle Weldon graduated from Northview High School and lettered in football all four (4) years and was a member of the first league champion team in the school history. 

I became a Teamster while studying accounting and working as a part-time loader in the United Parcel Service Columbus,Ohio Hub. I transferred to the Toledo Hub to continue my studies at University of Toledo. Also, at that time my mother was very ill and I assisted my father in caring for her. 

Working part-time, I became a Union steward in the Toledo hub and held that position for six (6) years. 

I was asked to become a Business Agent for Local 20, to represent the part -time workers and the full time inside workers which I accepted. Later my assignment included representing  Package Car Drivers. 

I am a Trustee on Local 20 ‘s Executive Board and serve as a Sergeant of Arms on the Ohio State Panel.

In my spare time I enjoy boating, fishing, hunting and visiting with my three nieces, not necessary in that order.

Kyle Weldon 

Teamsters Local No. 20   435 South Hawley Street   Toledo, Ohio 43609