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Teamster Basics - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Wear red on Fridays to support our troops and until they're all
Since 1910, the Teamsters logo has consisted of two horses’ heads, representing the complimentary forces of strength that are inherent in the Teamsters organization. A well-known emblem, most people recognize it but are unsure of the story behind it. The horses’ names are Thunder and Lightning, Thunder is male, Lightning female. Together, they symbolically represent the pillars of the Teamsters organization: quality and power, dignity and justice, strength and morality. The Teamsters are built on pillars that allow us to ensure that our Members’ needs are taken care of, that workers have access to their rights, and that our organization has the staying power to persist through the years.
Attend Unit Meetings
Attend Steward Council 
Red Friday
Teamsters Local No. 20
435 South Hawley Street Toledo, Ohio 43609 
Teamsters Local No. 20
435 South Hawley Street Toledo, Ohio 43609
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Important happenings of bygone days
Monday, May, 20, 2019
Joint Council 41 Scholarship

Dave Reed           (419-706-1736)

Teamsters Local 20 Organizers
Wendy Bard        (419-304-0535)

​The first American public school was established in Dorchester, Massachusetts. – 1639
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Teamsters Local 20 Charity Fund
Norm Lewallen Memorial Scholarship
435 S. Hawley St.
Toledo, Ohio 43609
Norm Lewallen Memorial Scholarship
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