My family has a long history with the Teamsters Union; dating back to 1923 when my grandfather first paid dues to the Teamsters. Around 1947, after serving in World War II, my father worked hard and persevered until he made his way up to working at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for President Jackie Presser. After over 40 years of brotherhood, he retired. 

I started my career with the Teamsters when I became a member in March of 1973. I was hired as a truck washer with Roadway Express and worked my way up to Journeyman Mechanic. In 1986 I was elected Chief Steward and proudly served my fellow brothers and sisters until February 1996. 

In March of 1996, I was offered a job by President Lester Singer to be a Business Manager for Teamsters Local 365 in Toledo, Ohio; after Secretary-Treasurer Neil Morrissey became ill and decided to retire. After accepting the position, I was responsible for the daily operation of the Local and served as a Representative to Joint Council 44 and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. In 1998 Teamsters Local 365 was merged into Teamster Local 20 and I was offered a position as a Business Representative. I have worked my way up over the years from Business Representative, to Trustee, to Recording Secretary, to Secretary-Treasurer and now I have the privilege and honor to be the President of Teamsters Local 20.

I have been married to my beautiful wife Barbara for twenty-nine years and we have five children, Mike, Corey, Deanna, Holly and Danny. I also have eleven grandchildren and three great grandchildren. I enjoy my family, golfing and working in my yard.

            Chuck Collinson

Teamsters Local No. 20   435 South Hawley Street   Toledo, Ohio 43609