Budget Committee
Chair       Wendy Bard
Co-Chair  Tom Vellequette 
Educational Committee
Co-Chair          Eldon Payne 
Co-Chair    Joseph Erard
Human Rights Committee
Chair       Rick Brown
Co-Chair Christopher Zerbey
Organizing Committee
Chairman    Twanda Williams
Co-Chairman  Ron Hipp
Political Action Committee
Co-Chair       Ron Hipp
Co-Chair Jeff Gralak
Bylaws Committee
Chair      John Hafner  
Co Chair Jeff Gralak

Recreational Committee
Co-Chair      Brian Rogers
Co Chair Kelly Chorba 

Democratic Rights Committee
Chairman      Jeff Graylak
Co Chair       Daniel Zawodni

Freight and Industrial Safety Committee
Co-Chair       William Tezak
Co-Chair  Vern Lapinske
Credentials Committee
Chair               Russell Tirone
 Co-Chairman Scott Mowery
Resolutions Committee
Chairman      Tim McQuillen
Co-Chairman Dan Strong
Sergeant of Arms Committee
 Chair              Robert Fountain
 Co Chair        Ronald Gatton Jr
Honor Chair   Mike Wenzel
Arrangements Committee
Chair            Roberta Dell
Co Chair      Donna Kasper
Rules Committee
Co-Chair      Tyrone Cleveland
Co-Chair       Brian Boyce

Teamsters Local No. 20   435 South Hawley Street   Toledo, Ohio 43609